Class Schedule

Our classes fill up quick, so please call for seat availability!


Class Dates:
Wednesday, Nov. 30th at 5pm

Learn to be a barbecue pitmaster!
The Best of BBQ Class will go over the history of barbecue, the different types and ways to barbecue using different fuels and woods, dispell the many myths that surround the barbecue techniques, discuss the tools needed to make the best barbecue for your family and friends as well as show you how to prepare brisket, pulled pork, chicken and baby back ribs! And the best part.... We feed you at the end of class!!!

Competition Class

Coming in January of 2023

Class Date:
January 13th and 14th, 2023
It will start at 4pm on Friday and end at 7pm on Saturday

$300 per person
$500 per couple

The class will be hosted at our North Store location
5921 N. Academy Blvd CSC 80918

The team teaching it is Rooster's Competition BBQ team!
To get sign up, just call 719-465-1041 or come into our north store and we will get you signed up
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